home classified letters to the editor contact us   search               e-mail link to this story   comment on this story         foster grandparent program benefits multiple generations 10/5/2012 by michelle libby retirement for some grandparents takes on a less stereotypical look. buy viagra No longer are they just home baking cookies, playing bingo or going on lunch dates with their friends. viagra online generic cheap Since 1999 windham primary school (wps) has been partnering with the opportunity alliance, formally prop, to bring seniors older than 55 into classrooms with the foster grandparents program. ''the program fills multiple needs,'' said john reidy, windham primary school's social worker. buy viagra online The seniors provide an extra set of hands and eyes in the classroom, he said. viagra before and after There are seven foster grandparents at wps. When reidy sent an email looking for teachers interested in having a volunteer, he got a large number of requests. ''when word gets out about them, we could use about 10 more,'' reidy said. Viagra office canada photo ''it's an intergenerational program,'' said program coordinator donna lamer. viagra gel for sale uk ''it's a grandparent role. They mentor, comfort and support (the students) in a loving way,'' she added. viagra online Last year foster grandparents gave 4,000 hours of time to local schools. There are also grandparents at raymond elementary school and manchester school. cheap generic viagra Each grandparent agrees to volunteer 20 hours a week, minimum. much does viagra cost pharmacy ''the kids like to see us in their classrooms. cheap viagra They like to hear about my olden days,'' said grandparent laura ''grammie'' menezes, who has been volunteering for four years. Does viagra 100 look like ''how many jobs do you have where your clients love you? '' said lamer. Not all of the ''grammies'' have experience working in the schools. viagra online generic cheap Christine ''nana'' blauvelt has been at wps for five years, but before that she was a school nurse. Edna stewart, who is new to the program worked as a secretary in a school. buy viagra online Others worked various jobs from cashier to secretary. viagra serious side effects ''a lot of these kids need tlc,'' said blauvelt. ''some are starved of attention,'' said reidy from reading to the students to playing a game during indoor recess, the seniors know they are valued by the teachers and the students. Traditionally the grandparent will stay with the same teacher year after year. Viagra de eli lilly The children are invested in their ''grammies. '' when blauvelt was in the hospital having a pacemaker implanted, the children in her second grade class were curious and concerned, quizzing her when she came back to school. ''today i was the star of the day,'' said stewart with a big grin. viagra for sale ''they each drew a picture of me,'' she said of her kindergarten students. The children develop a relationship with seniors who have different challenges from the them. viagra online Hearing aids, pacemakers and graying hair are new to many of the children, who still need help with buttons, zippers and tying shoes. viagra viagra usa ''this school is warming, appreciative and friendly. There's always a smile and a good m. cheap viagra online viagra like products over the counter

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